GDPR and Clubspeed, Inc.

At Clubspeed, we take protection of your data seriously. Clubspeed is committed to not only revolutionizing the way you do business, but also to ensuring the safety and privacy of your data, as well as your customer’s data.

We are embracing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a step forward in strengthening data protection across the European Union (EU), and we are excited to communicate the efforts we’re making to ensure your data is protected and secure. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming changes taking place.

- What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a EU regulation intended to give people in Europe more protection of and control over their data. The requirements apply to all organizations, regardless of location or industry, that processes the personal data of EU residents.

This regulation took effect on May 25, 2018 and will modernize the principles laid out in the EU Data Protection Act of 1995 for the current technology age. Now that information is accessible at the tips of our fingers 24/7, there is greater scrutiny on companies that are entrusted with personal data and they will have a larger responsibility with respect to its protection.

For consumers, GDPR provides new options with regard to their data. Once in effect, consumers will be able to access their personal data, alter or correct it, erase it completely, opt out of its use, and restrict it from being processed.

For companies, GDPR requires measures to protect personal data and to notify authorities if there is ever a breach of personal data. The GDPR also introduces new requirements for processing personal data, including notice of data collection and type of data use to consumers as well as record keeping requirements for data processing activities.

- What is Clubspeed doing to prepare for GDPR?

Clubspeed has been working diligently to prepare for GDPR. We are taking a global approach to compliance to ensure personal data is protected across all markets. To this end, every aspect of our business is involved in the effort to build teams, systems and processes to ensure compliance including:

  • Appointing a data protection officer (Larry Huff) to specifically oversee our compliance with data privacy regulations in the EU;
  • Amending contracts to ensure GDPR compliant data collection, passthrough, and processing. In the coming weeks we will be sending out a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that will supplement your contract with Club Speed;
  • Continuing to build our products with a “privacy by design” approach as prescribed by GDPR to ensure privacy is paramount in our development process; and
  • Ensuring that our customers have the tools to meet their GDPR obligations. Our system already logs all access to Personal Data in the API stating who and for what purpose. Our POS and Admin Portal also offer tools that help manage consumer data and restrict access to or delete such data upon request.

  • Stay tuned with us as we continue to send out more updates in the coming weeks in preparation for GDPR.